Actions and Meetings updated

October 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Check the Actions and Meetings page which has been updated as of October 24. 

A new and simpler URL,, automatically redirects to this site.

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Sunday Brunch at the Occupy Oakland Encampment

October 23, 2011 Leave a comment

We did it.  It was insanely awesome.  Pancakes and omelets (to order) for the entire encampment.  It was like that loves and fishes thing in that science fiction book, magical, and definitely in the dharma.    If all our actions are this good we WILL see the revolution.  More reflections tomorrow.

The Oakland encampment seems to have caught its second wind, and is really together.

And, BTW, an equally energized assembly beforehand in Concord.  There is nothing we cannot do.

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October 20, 2011 2 comments

SUNDAY’S (OCTOBER 23) 10 am MEETING of OCCUPY CONTRA COSTA 99% was at Concord at the usual locale – Panama Red Coffee in Concord (location here, great coffee, nice folks) was an assembly of various reps, spokes and liaisons from other organizations.    Notes from the meeting will be posted shortly.

Our meetings are modeled on the consensus-based #OWS model, so no speeches, please.  We respect, trust, and listen.   We talk, work and act.  “We are the demand.”

Good videos on consensus process from #Occupy SF and Occupy Portland are very helpful in explaining consensus process and the hand signals.  We encourage other groups in Contra Costa – and #Occupy Oakland as well, to send reps to meet us, and talk about actions and supporting their efforts.

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Support the #Occupy Oakland Encampment

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

Occupy Contra Costa 99% delivered two medical shipments plus walkie-talkies last week,  and served food at the Oakland Encampment on Sunday the 23rd.

The encampment is into its third week, and the folks there are into the long haul.  They need our physical support, not just messages of solidarity.  Lists of the items needed most can be found on the Occupy Oakland Actions page on this site, and on #Occupy Oakland’s own site as well.  The lists put together here are gathered from talking to the kitchen crews, media spokes, education, first aid and artistic stations.

Demonstrating in Walnut Creek outside Tiffany’s is nice, but it is not an occupation.  The real occupation, and revolution, is happening in Oakland.

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Wednesday action in Walnut Creek, October 19

October 17, 2011 Leave a comment

If it’s Wednesday evening in Walnut Creek, what else is there to do but grab a sign and join the action at the good ‘ol Bank of America at the corner of Main Street and Mt. Diablo Blvd., you know, where the 1% shops (Tiffany’s, etc.).  Starts at 4, goes to whenever, so busy commuters can still make it in plenty of time.  Last Wednesday we had unions, teachers, doctors, you name it.  And lots of media coverage.

I’m told by the WC folks that this will be different than last Wednesday, more action, less speechifying.  All to the good.  Bring your own speeches, grab a street corner and have a go!  Occupy Contra Costa 99% (or OCC99 for short) will be out in force.

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Monday night event in Walnut Creek

October 17, 2011 Leave a comment

On Monday evening, October 17, Representative George Miller (D)* spoke and had a town hall meeting of sorts at the Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Centerin Walnut Creek.   A fair turn out of Occupiers from Antioch, Walnut Creek, and Occupy Contra Costa 99 were there.

Highlights were tabling outside the event and meeting new folks with an interactive, “what is your one demand?” on whiteboard that anyone could fill in.   A group of Tea Partiers were also there to basically mau-mau the meeting.  We got to build up the email list, liaison, organize, agitate.

As for George Miller himself , well, I refer you to the “opinion” page.

Please note: OCC99 does not endorse any particular party, politician or candidate.  We are extremely curious, however, to hear what he has to say about the issues that interest us!

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Weekend update: October 16

October 16, 2011 1 comment

Action, actions, meetings, meetings.   Tired legs and active minds.  Saturday, the international day of action called by #OccupyWall Street, was awesomely successful – Rome, Madrid, London, etc., and here in San Francisco and Oakland.

Sunday’s meeting of Occupy Contra Costa 99% was equally sensational – the working core has doubled in size and quadrupled in energy.   Because notices and events are occurring almost daily, to keep this site fresh, the results of the Sunday meeting are now posted to a separate Occupy Contra Costa 99% meetings notes page.

A contingent of Occupy Contra Costa 99% also attended Saturday’s rally and march in Oakland which ended at the Oakland encampment at Ogawa Park nr city hall.  Photos are posted on the Oakland October 15 action page.

We’ll be at the Wednesday October 19 action in Walnut Creek starting at 4 pm at the corner of Main Street and Mt. Diablo Blvd. (Bank of America), which will go until whenever, so if you don’t get there until 6 or so, don’t sweat it – it will still be going strong!

The October 15 march in Oakland can be watched here:

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